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Build better
phishing defenses.

The quick and easy way to understand your phishing attack surface.

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PhishDeck helps you quickly and easily simulate phishing attacks
to measure your organization's exposure to phishing.

Here's how it works.


Schedule phishing simulation Campaigns using ready-made phishing Templates.

Realtime Phishing

Simulate Advanced Credential Phishing Attacks which can bypass 2FA in Realtime.


Quickly and easily generate HTML, PDF and CSV reports.

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PhishDeck Realtime Phishing screenshot
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Phishing tests made simple.

list Targets & Lists

Easily test phishing exposure by creating Targets and organizing them into Lists for better segmentation.


clear_all Staggered Send

Run long-tail phishing simulation Campaigns by automatically staggering sending of emails.

unarchive Bulk Upload

Export your organization’s directory or identity provider and quickly upload Targets in bulk without worrying about duplicates.

pie_chart Actionable Insights

Gain actionable insights over time, allowing you to make informed technical, regulatory and risk decisions over time.

blur_off Configuration Free

No need to manually setup templates, come up with pretexts, edit HTML or adjust CSS – it just works out of the box.

speed Quick Setup

Get up and running with your first phishing simulation Campaign in a few minutes.

"Testing your company’s susceptibility to phishing isn’t something you can put off anymore. PhishDeck does phishing simulation quickly and effectively."

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