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PhishDeck makes advanced phishing simulation simple

1st December 2020 – Startup company PhishDeck released its Software as a Service (SaaS) based phishing simulation platform. PhishDeck allows users to quickly and easily simulate advanced real time phishing attacks.

Phishing and social engineering attacks remain major security challenges that organizations face regardless of their size. Like any other challenge in cybersecurity, there are no silver bullets to protect organizations against phishing—had there been, a 2020 survey by the Ponemon Institute would not have cited 51% of IT professionals having experienced a phishing attack. However, when tools and safeguards like SPF and DKIM are deployed correctly, and when phishing filters and email security gateways do their job correctly, companies can reduce the onslaught of phishing attacks. PhishDeck complements existing cybersecurity defences by safely simulating phishing threats, and promotes measurable defence in depth strategies.

Security teams across both SMBs and enterprises work tirelessly to reduce the risks that phishing poses to their organizations, however, it is hard to continuously analyse, measure and demonstrate progress of their efforts. Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) teams need a solution that can help them simulate and measure their exposure to phishing, challenge assumptions and unlock insights on how to improve their technical defenses, processes and security awareness programmes.

Screenshot of a PhishDeck phishing simulation Campaign showing a funnel chart

PhishDeck aims not only to help improve the real-world impact security awareness has among employees, but also to improve the efficiency of security and GRC analysts. PhishDeck makes executing advanced phishing simulations super-quick and dead simple through pre-made templates that enable security teams to quickly simulate the consequences of a real phishing attack and track how organizational resilience to phishing is improving over time.

Simulate advanced credential phishing which can bypass 2FA in real time

At PhishDeck, we know that customers want an easy-to-use phishing simulation platform that allows them to simulate advanced phishing attacks without having to worry about leaking credentials or spending hours setting up HTML and CSS templates. PhishDeck achieves this by being the first vendor to simulate advanced realtime phishing—a kind of phishing attack in which an attacker mimics a website in realtime, bypassing 2FA and being virtually indistinguishable from the original website—without requiring any user configuration or coding knowledge.

Start your own phishing simulations today with PhishDeck with a 14-day FREE trial.

About PhishDeck

PhishDeck is a phishing simulation platform designed to make it easy for you to simulate advanced phishing attacks across your organization, helping you build better defences, respond to phishing threats faster and more effectively, all while providing you with actionable insights to help you continuously assess the effectiveness of your security awareness programme.