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PhishDeck introduces Alerting and Training integrations

We’re excited to announce new Training, Slack and Generic Webhook integrations in PhishDeck, allowing you to get alerted on Campaign events and redirect Targets to security awareness training.

“PhishDeck Integrations”

Training integration

You can now set-up a training URL to redirect Targets to a training page of your choice in the event of credentials being entered.

Slack and Generic Webhook

PhishDeck now allows you to configure Slack notifications to alert you when Targets click links and, more importantly enter credentials in phishing simulation tests.

“PhishDeck Slack integration”

Security teams who want greater control can set-up Generic Webhook notifications to react to “link clicked” and “credentials entered” events in PhishDeck.

“PhishDeck Generic Webhook integration”

Have questions or feedback? Drop us a line at, we’d love to hear how you plan to use these new features.