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PhishDeck helps GiG improve phishing awareness efforts

Testing your company’s susceptibility to phishing isn’t something you can put off anymore. PhishDeck does phishing simulation quickly and effectively.

iGaming B2B provider and industry titan Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has been using PhishDeck to simulate advanced phishing campaigns since the beginning of 2019.

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is a leading iGaming technology company, providing solutions, products and services to iGaming Operators. Founded in 2012, Gaming Innovation Group’s vision is ‘To be the industry-leading platform and media provider delivering world-class solutions to our iGaming partners and their customers’.

175% increase in phishing simulations year-on-year
Increase in phishing simulations year-on-year
33% increase in savings year-on-year
Increase in savings year-on-year

At GiG, information security is one of the cornerstones to the company’s success, so much so that Diane has expanded her team to cover all security areas—ranging from architecture, engineering and operations to governance, risk and compliance (GRC). This reflects the growing need for iGaming companies to safeguard their information and meet compliance requirements.

"We can now shift our focus to asking more interesting questions such as, ‘who are the different personas within our company that are likely to be targeted?'. The use-case is no longer about large generic campaigns, but more importantly, targeted campaigns that more accurately reflect real-world events."

How PhishDeck helped GiG meet security and compliance requirements

Phishing is very often the entrypoint for a large majority of data breaches. GiG needed a platform that not only met their compliance requirements, but also helped them to actively gauge the susceptibility of their employees to advanced phishing attacks.

GiG made the switch to PhishDeck to achieve highly realistic and advanced phishing simulation exercises, paired with its ease-of-use that simply was not possible with their previous incumbent vendor.

"The ability to create long-tail Campaigns spanning many months, for hundreds of employees, in under two minutes is invaluable."

PhishDeck’s ease-of-use and advanced real-time phishing simulation combined, provided Diane’s team with a faster and more powerful way of engaging with their employees—achieving more in a fraction of the time at a very competitive price point.

Fire and forget

The ability to schedule multiple unlimited Campaigns simultaneously in a matter of minutes enables GiG to focus on their threat landscape—as opposed to coding HTML and CSS landing pages and email templates.

"The drastically reduced time to go-live and overall management of the platform allows us to allocate more time to measure our security awareness training initiatives and assess the level of awareness of our employees."

PhishDeck plays a key role in actively encouraging GiG’s employees to report phishing emails. With a wide time spread of emails and targeted Campaigns, employees report anything that is mildly suspicious.

Insights and events that are actionable

As a Campaign develops, a narrative tends to emerge and morph over time. GiG utilises the campaign dashboard to gauge the objective big picture at a glance at any given time.

By having a quick but valuable graph, the team can overlook multiple campaigns and quickly drill down to the specific events.

The same narrative and granular details can be exported at the click of a button and provided to other stakeholders and leaders within GiG.

"PhishDeck’s one-click reporting allows the team to obtain granular and actionable information that is applicable to stakeholders across different business units."

According to Diane, PhishDeck made GiG’s phishing awareness exercises a lot more valuable, with a long lasting impact on the company’s employees.

About PhishDeck

PhishDeck is a phishing simulation platform designed to make it easy for you to simulate advanced phishing attacks across your organisation, helping you build better defences, respond to phishing threats faster and more effectively, all while providing you with actionable insights to help you continuously assess the effectiveness of your security awareness programme.